Karaduman Kalıp, always aiming for the best in the light of innovative approach, mutual trust, honesty and diligence principles, has a respectable place and a well-deserved reputation in its sector with the values ​​it has and the projects it has brought to life.


Karaduman Kalıp, which is a pioneer in injection mold production as well as being a plastic case mold in the mold production sector, continues to provide high quality service for you with its 40 years of experience and professional team.


Following a high service policy with R&D, design and planning, Karaduman Kalıp also exports domestically produced plastic injection case molds to the world by exporting to more than 20 countries along with its domestic sales.


With its advanced machine park created with today's developing technology, Karaduman Kalıp aims to be your solution partner and add strength to your strength by maintaining the line of quality and trust at international standards.